The “right leader at the right time”: CCAG’s Alice Hill reacts to the appointment of John Podesta as top US climate advisor


Alice Hill, senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and member of the Climate Crisis Advisory Group, said:

“The climate crisis is the biggest issue that we as a planet face today or have ever faced, and the timeline to get it under control is getting shorter by the day. To achieve what is needed will require an unprecedented level of global cooperation alongside vision and leadership from key actors.

“President Biden's selection of John Podesta to lead US climate efforts comes as welcome news to the climate community, particularly as we urgently seek global action to limit temperature rises to 1.5C.

“Podesta joined the climate fight decades ago, and through his years of service he has excelled in getting things done. He will be a critical component to ensure the US is at the vanguard of global climate action for COP30 and beyond. John Podesta is the right leader at the right time.”


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