Outlining an
action plan

Our campaigns are deeply rooted in the planet’s most pressing environmental concerns. Our role is to engage audiences worldwide with impactful and empowering content.

We do this by presenting expert analysis, insights, and actionable recommendations through a variety of media touchpoints.


Keeping 1.5°C alive

Scientific consensus indicates we're rapidly approaching the UNFCCC's 1.5°C global temperature threshold, with projections suggesting we may exceed it within a few years. This trajectory heightens the risk of escalating climate impacts. Despite the Paris Agreement's ambitions in 2015, global efforts to stay below this critical limit have fallen short, raising concerns that mere efforts are insufficient. CCAG emphasises the urgent need to adhere to the 1.5°C goal and, in the event of surpassing it, to swiftly implement measures to reduce temperatures back below this threshold.

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Accelerating a just
energy transition

Shifting from fossil fuels to clean energy is crucial for slashing global greenhouse gas emissions. CCAG focuses on accelerating this transition to support a safer, more sustainable future that promotes justice and equity, especially for society's most vulnerable. Our advocacy focuses on keeping fossil fuels underground and embracing renewable energy sources.

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Future-proofing urban areas in the face of the climate crisis

By addressing the urgent need for temperature stabilisation, we can safeguard urban areas for future generations. CCAG targets urban resilience, protecting our most vulnerable and marginalised communities. Through our efforts, we demonstrate how climate-positive urban initiatives can drive a cleaner, flourishing society.

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