Introducing the 4R Planet Strategy


Since launching in 2021, CCAG has advocated for a “3R strategy”: Reduction of emissions, Removal of greenhouse gases, and Repair of our climate systems.

However, while critical, this approach does not go far enough. This is why we’re now adding Resilience to create the 4R Planet Strategy – a simple, comprehensive approach that our world-leading experts believe is the only path that can deliver a safe and manageable future for humanity:  

  • Reduction: Tripling emissions reductions in developed nations to limit warming.
  • Removal: Massive investment in carbon removal technology and nature-based solutions.
  • Repair: Research into safe, manageable ways to repair damaged climate systems.
  • Resilience: Comprehensive action to strengthen our capacity to deal with climate impacts and threats.

The 4R Planet Strategy is an acknowledgement of the reality that no one solution will be enough. In the fight to avert the worst impacts of the climate crisis, we need action across the board. The window of time is small – we must act decisively and together.


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