CCAG’s message for International Youth Day


CCAG founder and chair Sir David King said:  

“If we are to leave young people of today and future generations with a thriving planet, we must ween ourselves off fossil fuels in quick order. With this transition comes huge opportunities for those equipped with the skills to grasp it. Therefore, our job as a society is to ensure that we are providing education in a fair and equitable way right across the world.

"CCAG’s view is that all skills of the future must be what are considered ‘green’. Young people around the world understand the challenges we are facing; the burden should not be on them. It is the task for governments and educators everywhere to ensure that the right skills and knowledge are being passed on.

"The future of our planet as we know it relies on societal transitions that give equal importance to the well being of humanity and to the wellbeing of our ecosystems. We are a part of nature, and we must understand that our future depends on our ability to put this into practice.  Our focus must be singularly on ensuring that this happens.”


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